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How do I know the surpriser knows me?
Good one. People at Whoooat first check their selfs if you might know each other. If not we contact the surpriser. If you want to know for sure it is not your ex or weird collegue, just send us your toughts and we will double check it : ). 
Do I need an account as an invitee?
Absolutely not. Though, an account will make the experience much more fun. You can ask questions, and will receive hints as soon as they are revealed. To be honest, you just don't want to be an spectator.
I want to invite a large group, can you help me on-board them?
YAASS. so nice! And of course, if you are inviting over 20 people, send us an email and we will send you an empty .csv, so you can copy and paste your own database into it. 
My data, how safe are those?
When you give a surprise, we only use the data of your surpriser to send the invitation. Payment data will stay at our payment provider Mollie. Your personal data like your name, surname and emailadres will be used to keep in touch about your surprise. If you are really into us, and subscribe to our surprising list, we will use your data there as well. We store your data as long as you have an account, since you have created your surprisers yourself. Data of any person you are surprising that haven't created an account will be deleted after 90 days. You can always send us a mail to make us delete your account. We like privacy minded people. 
How do I delete my account from Whoooat?
That's the spirit! You mind your privacy. Send us a mail via and we handle it for you. Be aware some order data will still be at our servers, since we need to have some proof if the Tax service gives us a visit.  Are you still involved in an active surprise, then we will only delete your account 3 days after the start of your surprise. 
I lost my password, HELP!?
Do not fear my friend, just go to login, and hit that 'reset password' button. You will receive an email with a password reset link. As always, check your spam.
My Whoooat code doesn't work
No worries. Contact us via phone and mail and we will fix this. 
I want to create a special kind of hint, is this possible?
Well, are you up to? Let us know. Those who don't try, will never surprise.
How do I keep my surprise a secret?
Yaasss. That pokerface, how do you keep it? We got some tips for you at our blog.
What does Whoooat mean?
It's all about the secret of the Who and the Where at. The moment you come together there will be that crazy hollo of surpise 'Whoooat!?'. A perfect start of a an unforgetable day together. 
Best time between invitation and 'the special day'?
We mostly advice a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks. The longer, the more anticipation. Shorter means less hype. It also depends on what you are planning. A spontaneous picnicking? Maybe a half year is a bit too far away. But for a wedding, it might be too early. 
Can I book an outing via Whoooat?
Not Yet, but this is definetely the hottest option on our roadmap. Need some help coming up with a original idea for an outing? Just give us a call, or smash that email into our inbox at
Degene die ik verras vult zijn code niet in, en nu?
No worries. We will fix this. Contact us via, or give us a call. Share the phone number of your invitee and we will check if everything goes to plan. Then, the anticipation will return within a day : ).
I don't want to be surprised
Say Whooooat!? Are you serious? Mostly someone very attached to you is behind all this. If you want more certainty, just ask more details via a questions, or contact us. We can check if it is not your ex, or funny friends. Still don't want to be surprised? At least we tried, but let your surpriser know on your Hintpage, via the more info button

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